UserGate Web Filter - What's new?

UserGate Web Filter 4.3.1

New in version:

  • Fixed the problem with some specific web sites upload;
  • Improved TPROXY mode performance;
  • Improved performance when working in cluster mode.

UserGate Web Filter 4.3

New in version:

  • Enhanced performance of DNS filtering;
  • The ability to use HTTPS encryption through SNI (Server Name Indication);
  • Enhanced performance of HTTPS filtering;
  • The algorithm used to sign the certificates for websites has been changed from SHA-1 to SHA-2;
  • The cluster storage subsystem has been improved.

Once the product has been updated, you must re-register the product.

This version is recommended for all users who have used HTTPS filtering as, since starting on January 1, 2016, certificates signed with SHA-1 encryption will no longer be accepted by most modern browsers.

UserGate Web Filter 4.2.3

New in version:

    • Added new morphology databases;

    • Improved URL-lists support;
    • TPROXY mode improved performance;
    • Improved product registration;
    • Corrected search requests filtering in Google and Youtube with the Live Search mode turned on;
    • Fixed problem with the server logs download.

    UserGate Web Filter 4.2.2

    New in version:

    • Entensys Cloud Antivirus performance improved;
    • Improved support for big volume Black and White lists;
    • Optimized external DNS-servers support;
    • Optimized work with SSL-sessions under high load.

    UserGate Web Filter 4.2.1

    New in version:

    • Added high performance Entensys cloud antivirus;
    • Fixed problem with DNS resolvers leak under high load;
    • Improved dashborard view;
    • Added Kaspersky antivirus;
    • Improved stability of statistics module;
    • Improved clustering support;
    • Added DNS-filtering in TPROXY mode.

    UserGate Web Filter 4.1

    New in version:

    • Added new morphology category "Kids protection" that blocks resources with harmful for children content such as tobacco products;
    • Improved morphological filter performance for YouTube;

    UserGate Web Filter 4.0.3

    New in version:

    • Now users can unlock blocked pages in case they have a permission (login and password are required);
    • Added protection from peak loads;
    • Minor fixes.

    UserGate Web Filter 4.0.2

    New in version:

    • Improved system settings for better performance;
    • Fixed error of network load display (MBps to Mbps);
    • Minor fixes.

    UserGate Web Filter 4.0.1

    New in version:

    • Added dashboard with information about critical system parameters (such as CPU and memory utilization, total amount of requests and etc.);
    • Added overload protection for large networks;
    • Added TPROXY mode for proxy server;
    • Fixed problem of missing license when used OS with several hard drives.

    UserGate Web Filter 4

    New in version:

    • Improved filtering performance;
    • The product is more stable now, the beta version has been successfully tested in a major telecom company;
    • New high-performing proxy server;
    • Added HTTP caching support;
    • Added HTTPS filtering by categories listed in Entensys URL Filtering;
    • Added new non-blocking filtering rules actions "Logging" and "Warning", which expand product's functionality;
    • Implemented logging of users' search requests;
    • Added new feature that allows to block online games in social networks without blocking the remaining resource;
    • Added new statistics reports such as "Rule Log" and "Search History";
    • Added subscribtion for new black list of phishing resources;
    • Added new Entensys URL Filtering categories - "CDN", "Kids sites", "Stock trading", "Technical or business forums and news groups", "Technical information and documentation", "Personal Storage", "Profanity", "Professional social networks";
    • Added dynamic user settings updating via Radius accounting protocol;
    • Added monitoring and self-reset of filtering service;
    • Added ability of program bypass - complete filtering shutdown;
    • Added blocking of Turbo boost in most popular web-browsers;

    UserGate Web Filter 3.2

    New in version:

    • Additional antivirus scanning with Avira antivirus
    • Added the ability to add different blocking pages for different blocking rules and black lists.
    • More simple console in terms of controling the rules of filtering. DNS and HTTP traffics filtering are no longer separate, there are only general filtering rules now. All the created rules are true for both traffic types.

    UserGate Web Filter 3.1

    New in version:

    • Web statistics module is added;
    • Fully-featured HTTPS traffic filtering in UserGate Web Filter Appliance;
    • HTTP user authorization;
    • Filtering by content type;
    • It’s possible now to create custom black and white lists and custom morphological databases as well as subscribe for them;
    • Chaining ICAP clients;
    • Japanese and Arabic languages are supported for morphological content analysis mechanism;
    • Information page with description of reasons for blocking DNS requests;
    • New morphological category ‘Gambling’;
    • CentOS, Debian 7 (wheezy) support;
    • Three times improved performance.